Adventures in parenting…part three

Adventures in parenting…part three

Time to pick up Tog. Lord give me strength.

Tog loves “school.”

But the transition between school and home is…fraught with drama.

There are tantrums. There is bribery. There is cajoling. There may or may not have been the threat of a spanking once or twice. I’m not saying.

It is rough.

I’m off.

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  • Timothy
    Posted at 09:50h, 02 April Reply

    yes…the parental threats of a spanking/whuppin/pop/….i mean them and them and then I don’t…i just want them to do what I say…and then they have the gall to try me…i can’t be punked,…nonnono,not by my kids….i must pop them….lightly of course

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