Haftime's New Music Monday

thumbs-up-down1 Haftime usually schools me to what's new and hot in music. But she has like, a life, or something. Had no time for me today. So I'm sitting here this morning, bumping the same song on repeat that I've been listening to all weekend. I know Haftime wouldn't approve. But this is MY new music monday since she left me stranded. Check out the conversation I had with myself about this new song I'm LOVING.

thumbs-up-down Heather A. Faison, AKA Haftime, is  the young whippersnapper with her ears to the street. I'm the old fogey who's trying desperately to keep up with what's new and hot. This week, Haftime solved a few mysteries on singers I've been hearing but could not identify, put me on to some new hip-hop and forced me to critique my hometown hero. Sigh. Check it out: