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So. Each month, I edit a relationship column for a national, women's lifestyle publication. Sometimes I write the column myself. If I'm extremely swamped, I assign the story out to another freelance writer. It's one of my many hustles. And I like that I have to think like an editor. It helps me when I'm trying to pitch articles to other editors. In my line of work as an editor, I deal with publicists, usually for authors who have written books about relationship issues or therapists, professors and other folks who are experts in relationship stuff. There are many times that I find myself staring at a deadline and I have all my interviews completed for a story--but I haven't found a relationship expert to interview. So I'm scrambling like mad, emailing folks to try and secure someone for my column. (I'm getting to a point here.) It would make sense to prepare for this in advance and line up interviews with several authors, professors and therapists. But I don't do that. I scramble at deadline time. Most editors do. So. November 4th, I get an email.